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Trail Run Thank You

Date: March 22, 2015 Author: admin Categories: Scroller


Dear all, a final post.

Enjoy the race pictures, please share and tag as appropriate and feel free to credit Philippa and Laragh Trail Run to friends and family. If anyone has a query on their time or didn’t have a watch or didn’t look at the clock when you finished please email us at laraghtrailrun at gmail dot com and we will respond. The full times will not be published this year but DQs allocated to specific individuals are noted on the Laragh Trail Run records. Again, thanks for signing up and running, walking, jogging in aid of Scoil Chaoimhin Naofa and thanks for the feedback here on FB and via email. Last date for receipt of emails querying your time is tomorrow, Monday 16th at 18:00 hours. Please quote your race number. After that we’re in hibernation but watch out for us online at, on twitter @laragh_trailrun and here on FB for the next iteration of the Laragh Trail Run. From my perspective as Race Director I’ve met some great people in the process of these last two years including all those on the race committee/parents association so thanks to those who have chatted and ran with me on the mountain in the lead up to Laragh Trail Run 2015. 

I am not on FB but I am at or via twitter @anthony_finn for anyone looking to stay in touch. The race committee will dip in an maintain the FB page occasionally between today and any future event. 

See ye on the hills!