Music Generation

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Music Generation


Scoil Chaoimhín Naofa is proud to be part of Music Generation.  Music Generation is an educational initiative by Music Network and co-funded by U2 The Ireland Funds, together with, The Department of Education and Skills and Local Music Education Partnerships. Music Generation helps children and young people to access music education in their own locality. It began as a five-year programme (2010 – 2015), and has continued with great success ever since. It is locally provided within a national framework.


As a band, we believe music tuition should be available to anyone who wants it, whatever their background. We want to help to make this happen for Ireland’s children and young people – our ‘music generation’ of the future. We hope that Music Generation will inspire Ireland’s young musicians, who might not otherwise get access to such valuable teaching. We are delighted to see the progress of Music Generation and to be involved in this much-needed initiative for Ireland.

U2: Adam, Bono, Larry & The Edge


Through the programme cIMG_1214_Fotorhildren can learn to play a choice of piano, guitar, mandolin, ukulele and various other instruments in their own school.  Music Generation is a wonderful opportunity for thousands of children and young people to access music education. It will enhance and enrich quality of life; nurture the careers of musicians; empower the musical life of communities and energise partnerships among the public, private, community and voluntary sectors. This will be done in the spirit of making music education happen throughout Ireland.


Music Generation truly is an innovative and pioneering partnership model, located in 12 counties, which has significantly progressed the development of infrastructure for increased access to performance music education for children and young people. My Department would like to thank U2 and The Ireland Funds for their philanthropic donation which has seed funded this remarkable initiative, and to also thank the Local Music Education Partnerships who have provided, and will continue to provide, 50% funding to ensure its success into the future.

Jan O’Sullivan TD, Minister for Education and Skills

Since Music Generation arrived at Scoil Chaoimhín Naofa it has been nothing but successful.  The children from Junior Infants to First Class participate in the foundation music programme and have great fun with everything from singing songs to composing with Eamon Sweeney.  Eamon then takes the children from Second Class and teaches them how to play the ukulele.  Eamon also teaches guitar after school to small groups of children.  Each year we have been delighted to listen to the children perform pieces they have learnt with Eamon at a number of concerts in the school.

Piano lessons are also available after school.  Marta teaches piano to individuals or groups of 2 children.  This has also been a remarkable success and with plenty of hard work at home, the children have reached a very high standard.

We look forward to continued music and performances in the future!