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Primary Science

Here at Scoil Chaoimhín Noafa we are Science Mad!

This year we are busy preparing for our THIRD Discover Primary Science Award of Science and Maths Excellence. We applied for and received this award in 2011, and again in 2013. These awards are on display in the school corridor, just opposite the main school doors.

This year for the first year Discover Primary Science are awarding two types of awards, a Certificate of STEM work, and a Plaques of STEM Excellence. The plaques reward deeper engagement in the project, a whole school approach and external science engagement. We hope this year to be awarded with the Plaque of STEM Excellence.

We have a lot of work to get through before we can apply for this award, including

- 6 hands on science investigations across all strands of the science curriculum

- 2 or more examples of the children using ICT

- 2 or more examples of the children investigating engineering in class or in the local area

- 2 or more examples of the children using their maths skills as part of their science work

- A science showcase in the school

Keep checking out this page for more info on the Discovery Primary Science Award!

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