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Healthy Eating Policy

Scoil Chaoimhín Naofa aims to promote a healthy eating policy. Research suggests that attention and concentration levels improve with healthy nutritious food. The Parents Association fully endorse and welcome this Healthy Eating Policy.


  • To promote a healthy eating policy.
  • To put words into action all food eaten by the children at Break Time and Lunch Times in school is ‘healthy’
  • To cover the ‘Healthy Eating’ theme in lessons in the SPHE programme in some classes.
  • The work in the school’s organic vegetable garden reinforces the ‘Healthy Eating’ theme.


  • Healthy eating is encouraged. We have successfully adopted a healthy eating policy in the school where a sandwich, yogurt, fruit or a vegetable form the basis of the school lunch. At small break time children are encouraged to have a piece of fruit. Children in school are expected to eat healthily.
  • Fizzy drinks are not encouraged.
  • Sweets and chewing gum are prohibited. (Teachers may give treats on special occasions).
  • Food not eaten is taken home, along with all wrappings and yogurt cartons.
  • Children are prohibited from swapping lunches.
  • For safety reasons no glass bottles are permitted in school.

downloadEating Time

All children are allowed to take one suitable item from their lunch box to the play-ground for Break Time at 10:20 am each day. No drinks are to be taken to the play-ground. Drinks must be consumed in the classroom during the break and lunch times. Only water can be consumed during class.

The supervised children remain in their classroom from 12.00 –12.10 each day to eat their lunch.

To allow parents to monitor their child’s eating habits any food not consumed must be taken home.

Children will be encouraged to put wrappings, silver paper, containers and cartons in their lunch boxes as we are trying to reduce the amount of waste in the school.

It has been a very easy policy to implement and 100% success has been achieved through the full co-operation of all parents and the vigilant ‘snooping’ of fellow classmates when they spy or smell alien food in a lunch box!!! In short this policy is self regulating and maintains the true essence of the Healthy Eating Policy without being dictatorial.

Ideas of what to put in a lunch box are given below.

N.B. Parents / Guardians of any child with a medical condition, who requires a special diet, should contact the school.


What Should I put in my lunch box?


Brown or white bread

Pitta bread


With your favourite healthy filling, such as Ham, cheese, tuna, tomato, chicken, meat roll, lettuce, cheese spread, peanut butter, egg, banana.

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Fruit and vegetables

Apple – small orange – banana – kiwi – pear – plums –

Grapes – strawberries – raisins

Tomatoes – pieces of carrot – pieces of cucumber.



Water – milk – yogurt drinks – unsweetened fruit juice –

Soup – fruit smoothies

Other options

Cheese portions

Portion of cooked pasta salad

Yogurt or fromage fraise


Eat at least five portions of fruit & vegetables a day to help you to stay healthy.

Avoid:  Biscuits, muffins, buns, iced buns, scones, crisps, chocolate, sweets, cereal bars, frubes (or similar) and fizzy drinks: