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Board of Management

The Board of Management is charged with the governance of the school for a fixed term of four years. Its eight members have a shared sense of purpose and of commitment to the school for which it has collective responsibility. The current Board of Management is as follows:


Rachel Cullen           Chairperson

Anne Savage             Principal and Secretary to BOM

Anne Marie White*  Parents’ Representative

Willie McCoy           School Maintenance

Thomas Miley          Health & Safety

David Delamere       School Maintenance and Parents’ Representative

Rebecca O’Neill       Health & Safety

Fr. Oliver Crotty

* Anne Marie has just joined the Board of Management to fill the place of Breda Foster.

Breda and her family have recently moved house  to Bray. She has served on the board and been active in the school for many years and in particular as Treasurer to the board and school. We will miss her hugely.